aw, thanks for all the questions! will answer the rest in a day or two, so if you have any follow-up questions, feel free to ask them.

answers (part I)

Whats your height / weight?
im 171 and weigh approx 47 kilos

Why don't you post outfits?
well, i still do occasionally, but i find it somewhat ridicilous. will try to take some more self portraits tho

Are you gay?

How old are you?

do you eat?
yeah, but not alot. i dont really get hungry

Do you live in the capital, or outside of it?
i sleep outside, but my life is inside. moving soon.

Where do you find all your secondhand shirts?
my dads closet, ebay and fleamarkets

What kind of music do you listen to?
60s-70s rock, shoegaze, electronica etc. i like the knife, my bloody valentine, the doors, neil young, velvet underground etc

why do you never use smileys? Do you find them "fjortiss"?
not 'fjortiss', but a bit primitive. i just prefer words

do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

what size do you wear in jeans?
24/32 or 25/32

what kind of film do you use?
anything really, but mostly kodak. i like high iso. and slides, esp ektachrome

what would you like to do when you grow up?

what i do now, really. take pictures, haha. id really like to freelance, and do (photograph and style) my own shoots

how do you stay so skinny?
i just dont eat much really

How come we still haven't had that coffee and that cigarette?
you tell me

when did you start smoking?
when i was 13 / 14

how many do you smoke pr day?
regular days, about ten. if i go out, 20-30.

why don't you work for natt&dag anymore?
they ran out of money in june 2008, and when they were bought in august, no-one offered me a job.

do you still live in åsgårdstrand?
i wouldnt say 'live', but i sleep here most of the time

how didnt you get into photography?
im not sure, but when i started using film 1-1,5 years ago, i really enjoyed it and i just went from looking at the styling in shoots do the photographs. and i adore flickr

did you get to know maja, ole etc before the blog or thru the blog?
i met maja maybe 2-2,5 years ago, but it was through the blog, yeah. we're not 'blog friends' tho, i consider her really close. ole i have only met twice or so, and we first talked thru the comment feature, so yeah

what planes do you have after finishing school?
same as i do now minus school, but plus money

om a scale from 1-134, how hot do you find ole?
hmm. 66.

what is your favorite kind of alcohol?
white wine, def.

favorite artist?
the doors, sonic youth and the knife

are you friends with the super cool norwegian blogger ida wulff?
no, but i danced with toro borgen 1,5 years ago!

how do you afford designer clothes? (e demeulemeister boots, balenciaga bag)
i sortof work as a re-seller, i get some money at home and i just live really economical. the boots werent that pricey, around 300usd.

are you a student?
yup, second year

Who is your favourite visual artist?
It changes weekly, but at the moment, i love Lina Scheynus, Maggie Locthenberg, Nan Goldin and Jon Edwards.

What do you do for a living?
I study, and do some styling / photography work (i dont get paid tho)

Do you think of yourself as hipster?
The whole 'lets define hipster'-thing bores the hell outta of me, but no, i dont think of myself as a hipster. too much black i guess

Who is the sexiest celeb?
haha, i dunno. Johnny & Kate in the 90s.

Ville du helst pult Peter Amdam eller Gaute Drevdal? Minni Mertens eller Julie Chiku? Øyvind Engebretsen eller Mikael Brkic?
hahah, det tør jeg ikke svare på

If you HAD to commit suicide, how would you do it?
hmm. probably pills.

who's your favourite photographer?
i sortof replied to this in the 'visual artist'-question, but i'd like to add Ellen Rogers, Allison Scarpulla, Sally Mann, Juergen Teller, Neil Krug and Edouard Plongeon.

Favourite designer?
the only designer i love and pay (occasionally) full-price for is ann demeulemeester. i also like dries van noten, number (n)ine, damir doma, undercover, rick owens, preen, cosmic wonder and junya watanabe. but i prefer a vintage-ann d mix.

what camera have you used, and which do you use atm?
Right now, i use Pentax KX (an SLR) and Yashica T4 (point&shoot) for 35mm. I use an polaroid 600se for peel-a-part polaroids, and an sx-70 for tz artistic (which is an 'artsy' 600 type film). the past year, i've also used polaroid land 250, yashica T3, pentax spotmatic II and bronica sq-b.

whats your wear-every-day garment right now?
i wear a cardigan or a shirt (usually both) all the time. im constantly cold, so i need something with buttons (i dunno if that makes any sense, but layers help me stay warm)

what is your favorite thing in the whole world?
good question. the feeling you get when you open a -great- polaroid is amazing. kissing is pretty rad too.

not a q but i love your pictures!

thank you!

have you read anything about tom wolfe?
ive read a few shorter texts about him, yes, but unfortunately nothing by him.

do you find the band 'ungdomskulen' good?
i havent listened to them enough, but they seem alright

where do you see yourself as a 80 year old man?
i dont see myself becoming 80, to be honest. but if i do, id like to live in the country side, with a few cats etc.

ever read a book by haruka murakami?
yup, ive read kafka at the shore and i started norwegian wood a few months ago. it has disappeared, but im really keen on finishing it.

how do you recieve that dreamy effect in photographs?
overexposing polaroids give a bit of a dreamy effect, other than that, im not sure. film in general might have that effect. try focusing a bit 'softer' tho, not so sharp

where do you process films and how much do you pay?
at LabDoka (RedLab), around 70 nok

Whats ur absolutley best memory?
good question! my memory is absolute shit, but when i was like ten years old, i made out with this girl behind an abandoned bus.

do you have any bad habits?
tons, but the 'baddest' is probably smoking, biting nails when i get nervous and i break things easily


Tobi said...

You're probably never hungry because you smoke so much. Don't worry, I'm not judging you for it. But I'm from Canada, where everyone is constantly bombarded with warning signs and heath PSAs. We've been taught from a young age that smoking will kill you and make your life miserable, plus you can't smoke within 10 meters of a public building. Though I don't think smoking is quite as bad as they say it is.

I smoke occasionally, but only when the opportunity presents itself. I don't want to get addicted, because I have no willpower and would not be able to quit. Also my parents are real tight asses about it. And it doesn't help when they can smell things crazy good, so they always know if i smoke or drink.

(also, drinking age here is 19, even for beer. Fucking sucks.)

Oh, and, related question: What's your favourite cigarette brand?

maja casablancas said...


Ennahoj? said...

du er altfor kul

Anonymous said...

Anyone you want to be friends with?
Ever liked hiphop?
Ever been heartbroken?
Why did you start smoking?
Ever worked as a model?
Ever listened to Blue October?
Ever been "emo"?

Anonymous said...

do you like John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen?

do you find Tore Renbergs books good - in particular the new one, Pixley Mapogo, if you've read it?

ever been a gamer? wow, cs etc.

ever played a instrument?

ole//wombat said...


Anonymous said...

you don't have a Gaysir-profile?

Jostein said...

no, i find that site ridicilous

fuschiaaa said...

Where have you felt most at home in your life?

Jostein said...

youre a bit late, fuchsiaa (heheh), but i always feel at home when im in paris, which sounds kinda... ok pretensious, but i love not knowing anyone. and the city just have this amazing atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

just wondering but whose that ole person...?

Miriam said...

i take that as a big compliment, thanks alot (it means alot)

andrea said...

oh my goooooooodddddddd.... you're 1m71 high and weigh only 47 kg???!?!
wow!!! I wish I was in your place.... you could be a female model! I don't know how tall male models must be,but you're perfect if you were a girl....

wowww....if smoking keeps you so thinn, than maybe I found an argument to start smoking...
I don't want to sound stupid,but I'm so geloussss....I am 1m66 and weigh 51 kg, I look like I could explode any second... that's why I'm gelous when I see gorgeously thinn people.... were you always this thinn or did you do something to lose weight?

I envy people who never are hungry.... I always am hungry... even if I'm not,I eat out of boredom, lack of occupation, or out of habit

I'm sorry for this useless post