answers (part II)

what is your shoe size?

what brand do you smoke?
camel lights

what was the last song you downloaded / bought?
explosions in the sky - glittering blackness

what was the last movie you saw?
christiane f

which blogs do you read?
besides friends blog, i read buffalo records, arvida bystrom, sea of shoes and lovers in highschool

describe your dreamgirl/boy.
i dont have a dreamgirl/boy, but i find a few features more attractive than others (bones, thin body, nice smile, long-ish hair, pale skin etc)

why did you stop the old blogg?
because it became a 'duty' and i got fed up with it

What do you think about being a girl ?
i dunno, personally i like being male. clothing wise you can get away with pretty much anything though!

What do you think about killing people ?
obviously killing people is bad, but i think that violence can be justified. tarantino is my favourite director, haha.

Do you believe in God ?
no, i consider myself an atheist, but religion interests me alot. i think its really important to reflect upon it, whether you believe or not.

What's in your mind ?
people, photography and stress, usually

What are your nightmares made of ?
i havent had a nightmare in a long time, but theyre usually about people i love, turning against me. or dying.

What time is it ? Aren't you fed up with my questions ?
10.32 pm. yes, a bit.

når kommer du på besøk?

snart!! gleder meg til du kommer hit

when did you last cry and why?
i almost cry pretty often, last time was sunday, but actually crying (as in tearing up) was maybe a year - two years ago.

have you read "the catcher in the rye"? if so, what do you think of it?
no, but i think we're gonna read it in english class later this year.

do you like pj harvey?

i don't listen to her regularly, but out of what ive heard, i like it alot!

shouldn't the blog be called ehh photography? or do you consider your photographs 'fashion'?
youre totally right. the thing is, when i started this blog in august 08, it was a fashion blog, consisting of editorials, outfits and inspiration posts. my interest in photography has outgrown my interest in fashion though, so i am considering changing blog again. just feels a bit ridicilous, as this is my third.

do you know the muffinman?
haha, no.

which countries would you like to visit?
I've travelled quite alot, but i'd really like to visit USA, Japan and Scotland. Ive visited Belgium, but never Antwerpen - would love to see Ann D's hometown.

Is Norway a cool place to live?
its alright. sometimes it feels a bit too small, but our health care is great, we have a social-democratic government and the people are ok. i'm pretty sure i'll move when i finish high school / studies though.

What's the best picture you've ever taken/ that you're most proud of?
thats a tough one, but i really like the polaroid posted a few days ago, of two girls (well actually its one, copied) standing on an 'Island' with lots of flowers / trees in the background.

do you read fashion magazines?
not pure fashion magazines no, but i read jalouse to improve my french, dazed & confused maybe 3-4 times a year, and i buy 90s-issues of the face on ebay

what annoys you most in people?
prentensious people really bugs me, but other than that, its not one quality that annoys me. im annoyed alot tho, not really a peoples-person.

who's the most beautiful acor/ actress in the world?
Helena Bonham Carter, i think. she's gorgeous!!

why do you prefer film over digital?
film is superior quality-wise, it lets me experiment more, black&white film looks 1000 times better than digital b&w and you have to be alot more selective about what you want to picture. and i just love the look of it.

if u had to choose between a blue drink and a green one, which one would u choose?
probably the green one. my brother taught me never to drink or eat anything blue.

what is your favourite food!

hmm. i like thai tuna alot. and italian food.

Røyer du hasj? Eller går du på noe dop?
Drikker du? Isåfall, hva da?

er ikke så keen på å brette ut hva jeg gjør og ikke gjør på nettet, men drikker hvertfall det meste.

are you in a relationship?

are you in love?
i think so

what counts more, personality or looks?
both counts, but looks is what gets me (and everyone else, lets me honest) interested in the first place.

what happened to jajanei? :(
i grew tired of bashing other blogs, i just keep the hatred inside now, haha

what do you look for in a girl?
a male genital. sorry

What's your favourite cigarette brand?
camel light, other brands can get a little dry.

Anyone you want to be friends with?
Miriam Assai, haha. i cant really think of anyone else. hmmm. I'd like to meet a bunch of people though, mainly artists i admire.

Ever liked hiphop?
generally, no, but i really like Fabolous - Breathe, and some of the old 80s stuff (rocksteady crew etc).

Ever been heartbroken?
hm. no dont think i can say i have. i find it a bit difficult to define 'love', 'heartbreak' etc though. i guess its due to my age / non-excisting love life.

Why did you start smoking?
when i started, i got really good grades and wanted to show people that i could do something rebellious + i thought it looked really cool. to be honest, i still think it looks cool, but the main reason is that it gives me a break. i think way too much (im usually awake around two hours after i go to bed, just thinking) but the five minutes a cig takes, my mind goes blank. i really need those five minutes.

Ever worked as a model?
yeah, a bit. im not linked to an agency or anything, and the only paid work i've done was the Mercur-campaign with Maja last August.

Ever listened to Blue October?
no, i haven't. should i?

Ever been "emo"?
arguably, no. at least not in my opinion (but i did wear alot of stripes and had a emo-ish haircut 2-3 years ago.)

do you like John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen?
i havent heard enough to say yes or no, sorry.

do you find Tore Renbergs books good - in particular the new one, Pixley Mapogo, if you've read it?
i havent read anything by him.

ever been a gamer? wow, cs etc.
hahaha, no.

ever played a instrument?
yeah, i played guitar for a few years when i was a kid, and drums briefly. wasnt that good.

thats it folks! thanks for all the questions, if i forgot something or youre still not satisfied, mail me.

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Helena is definitivly the most gorgeous actress there is!

Anonymous said...

If you want to listen to PJ, I'd reccomend her 4 Track Demos. I find them better than her professionally recorded songs.

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