Land 250


pour l'art conemporain

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'I first took polaroids in the early 1970s as components for collages. Most of them are lost. In the 1980s I took photographs with a German Minox 35EL. In 1995, after the death of my husband, I was unable to center on the complex processs of drawing, recording or writing a poem. The need for immediacy drew me again to the polaroid. I chose a vintage Land 100. The instantaneuos method gave me a sense of release and served my creative needs.

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In 2002 I switched to a vintage Land 250. It is a folding pack film camera with a single-window rangefinder made by Zeiss Ikon. Though it can be slightly idiosyncratic, I like the technical simplicity. Near / far. Dark / light.

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For a time, i had a room of my own on Macdougal Street in New York. It had been a butcher shop for decades and then a laundromat. It was a great pleasure to have a space to do my work uninterrupted. I focused on objects, seemingly humble, precious to me.

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When i lost my little studio I ventured out into the world, the Land 250 always close at hand. I am not a photographer, yet taking pictures has given me a sense of unity and personal satisfaction. They are relics of my life. Souvenirs of my wandering. All that i have learned concerning light and composition is within them.'

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- Patti Smith (1946-)


Anonymous said...

Hun er så fantastisk. Det er ingen grenser. Hun har gjort så mye for meg igjennom musikken og bildene sine. Det er fint å vite at jeg ikke er den eneste som ser hvilket geni hun er.

Little_Muffin said...

Hei! Bare lurer på en ting; hvordan får du så store bilder på bloggen? Når jeg ligger ut mine, blir de kjempesmå, selvom oppløsningen på kameraet er ganske stor...

Severn said...

the polaroid format has always captivated me, but my wallet is less impressed...

JuniJuli said...

wonderful pictures.