old bay , self portrait

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Patrik Petersson said...

Mycket coola bilder =D

Anonymous said...

please make a spotifylink? with all yr fav. electronica music. again, please?

ps: u beautiful

façon aesthetics said...

those colours are lovely.

mariel said...

hei jostein. du er fin.

Jostein Wålengen said...

patrik, thanks!

anonymous, im probably the last person on earth, but i dont use spotify. and the only electronica i listen to (except when going out) is the knife. sorry! and thank you, hehe.

f. aesthetics, thank you! i like this film alot, but it doesnt work so well when theres no sun or light, sadly.

mariel, takk like så!!

Anonymous said...

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condre said...

love it

Liam said...

Beautiful pictures.

andwhatelseisthere said...

love your photography style.



Todd Hill said...


womens wear said...

Fabulous pics! Loving them!

Martin said...

Nydelige bilder!

Jenny said...

du tar helt fantastiske bilder!