*im busy moving, so for the next ten days, i wont be able to post alot
*...ill be back stronger than ever though, as i just got 5k from trafo, which lets me do a few super 8 films and a project thats been stuck in my head for weeks now
*the stuff on ehh sale is still avail, please buy. my food budget is 2$ a day and im smoking counterfeit cigs. please!
*im considering changing my blog adress for the third time, i know its ridicilous, but i cant help feeling that calling a photography blog 'ehh fashion' is even more ehh.... ridicilous


Anonymous said...

wish I could buy your stuff but I'm skint as well; I live on -2€ a day!

Anonymous said...

Your moving to maja from polkadots?

Jostein Wålengen said...

not to, but with, yes.

RaspberryKitsch said...

i love your photography so much, its very inspiring