the following three pics were all taken early spring, but for some reason i've had yet to post them. unlike most of my photos, all of these actually have a nice story behind them.

the first is of two girls in my class, who wanted me to take a photo of them. posing and smiling, i refused to take the picture. later, i snapped this without them knowing - it was my first day with the polaroid ee100.

the second is a picture of ida karoline, randomly taken as i was eager to load some black-white polaroids. ironically, the black-white film didnt work, and the only picture im truly happy with, taken that day, is this.

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the last one is taken at a grave-yard in Paris, near our hotel. im addicted to privacy, and went there daily during our stay - you know how family vacations get-. a few hours before our flight went, i rushed to a certain area of the grave-yard (it was huge!) to take this and smoke a last cig. i think it was the last photo taken with polaroid 600 film, before getting the ee100

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Emma said...

these are lovely photos, the light is beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

so beautiful

agreed about privacy ughhhhh haha

Anonymous said...

yeah, dead people can be sooo less annoying sometimes, I agree ;)

Nicholas said...

Kjempefine bilder, fint at du har med tekst.

Btw, hvilken størrelse er 41 i US? (sko)

Jostein Wålengen said...

emma, lovelylissy - thanks!

anonymous, ehehe, true

nicholas, hmm 8 tror jeg, men det varierer veldig - hvis jeg kjøper sko på nett ber jeg alltid selgeren om å måle undersålen. hvis ikke er sikkert google mer behjelpelig enn meg (..)

Nicholas said...

Okei, takk!

fuschiaaa said...

Haunting, beautiful photography- as ever.

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