hobo stole my jacket
need to get it back
return on errr thursday-ish
hopefully with jacket


(this is not just a teenage poem; a hobo did steal my jacket (seriously), and i wont rest till i have it back!!! + i need an adapter to scan my photos etc. so see you soon)


Matias Bouhet said...

ohh, you have so amazing photos! great blog :)


MaritParit said...

Damn hobos, always sneaking around stealing things

Tobi said...

This reminds me of a shirt i saw once that said: "I stole this shirt from a hobo, why he had a shirt that says this i'll never know."

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

dang...hobos are getting really aggressive now a days.

Malin said...

hope you return with the jacket, then!

looking forward to see more amazing photos!