bought --> these <-- (click) some time ago, but sadly theyre a little too small. no pics yet, but if you click the auction, youll see the photos seller used. as you can see, i paid 90$ included shipping, theyre the boots i used in the last outfit posted.

will only ship to norway, as theyre incredibly heavy - shipping anywhere else will be at least 30$ i think - would prefer to meet in oslo.

asking 500 nok if meet, 550 nok with shipping, but will listen to offers.

i have been told that they are authentic military boots from the 80s.

sorry for delay in other posts - ive been sick a week, so i have piles of homework to do. ahaha.


buy my boots!!!!


Unrealized Fish said...

Hvilken størrelse er det? Så på ebay at de var 37, men er det type 37 for jenter også?

Anonymous said...

You should sell your underwear!!

Jostein said...

unrealized fish, mulig størrelsene varierer, men 6 = 40 i herrestrer, så disse er 40 ca. kan funke for en 39 også. kanskje 40,5. jeg er 41.

anonymous, i dont wear underwear.

Anonymous said...

No underwear, that is hot! But, what can I buy now??

Eline Linfrø said...

hei jostein. tror du jeg kan prøve de? de er nok en del for store men de så ut til å være worth a shot og jeg trenger nye boots