after a quick chat with Eva Rosa, i've come up with a few changes. youve probably noticed some of them, but everything that ends with 'ation' is fun (transformation, mastrubation, formation, INFORMATION), so im using a few minutes to write this post.

*the archieve is gone, say hello to labels. all titles etc have been deleted, now its (almost) photos only.
*there will be no more shopping guides, as im trying to loose all the text..
*...however there will be partypics. whether i and Eva Rosa is going to do this ourselves, our bring in a third person, is a little unclear. all the other categories will be kept. i think.
*new header
*more focus on streetstyle, with one post every day. only one outfit in each post, but with three pictures; one full, two detail-shots. see last post as an example.
*i will open up for ads, if anyones interested (if so; .)
*i've gone from beautiful stranger to Jostein
*Eva Rosa will start contributing with own items on ehhsale too.
*eva Rosa will continue to contribute, also with (occasional) outfits.

puh. any questions or thoughts, go ahead and comment.


alyce said...

I'd say bring back titles. For us who use rss-readers (esp. bloglovin) it's a pain in the bum because the title is a link to read the entry ;) otherwise, yay

Anonymous said...

lovely. I'm excited. I'm bummed about the no titles thou. :(


Anonymous said...

where's the new header?

Anonymous said...

i really liked the shopping guides...

jimena said...